The Law Of Bitcoin released; Legal Guidance For Bitcoin! Jul 15, 2015 12:00 PM EDT

THE-LAW-OF-BITCOIN-Screenshot.jpg While Bitcoin excels in many ways due to its uniqueness; we’ve never seen anything like it before. This is usually a good thing, but when it comes to documentation or anything in the legal industry it becomes a disaster. We are left with individual interpretations as there are no precedents to base new legal rulings on. As we speak, governments are still ironing out the details in how they will deal with the disruptive financial revolution we call Bitcoin.

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The Law of Bitcoin is a book published this month, with its aim to guide individuals in making the correct decisions when handling Bitcoin. From AML & KYC to compliance or just a handy book to have on board, The Law of Bitcoin is a perfect purchase for anyone looking to remain on the safe side.

“Written by knowledge leaders in the fields of law and cryptocurrency, The Law of Bitcoin addresses such topics as the intersection of cryptocurrencies and criminal law, taxation, anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing regulations, securities law, consumer protection, negotiable instruments, currency law and financial regulation. “

Due to the diverse interpretations different governments have on Bitcoin, the book focuses on arguably the four regions that were the most “bitcoin-dominant”: the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany.

The Law of Bitcoin is a leading resource and go-to text both for those wishing to understand the basics of how the law affects cryptocurrency and Bitcoin businesses, and also for those in the legal community searching for sophisticated answers to more advanced questions.”

Combining legal experts and contributors from four different countries, The Law of Bitcoin was made possible from the following people:

  • Stuart Hoegner – Editor. Lawyer and accountant within cryptocurrency as well as gaming spaces. Currently Bitcoin Alliance of Canada.
  • Paul Anning – Specialist financial services lawyer and partner at Osborne Clark in London. Experience includes establishing private equities, property funds, as well as advising institutional investors on alternative investments (like Bitcoin!).

See the full list of people that contributed to the book in the original PR over at Bitcoin PR Buzz. The team includes people from all backgrounds, making sure The Law of Bitcoin offers the most comprehensive and up-to-date information so you can make the best legal decisions.


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