(LTC) & (BTC) Communities Are Paying Attention To Bitgert (BRISE) Sep 1st Update


Bitgert (BRISE) is once against being the most talked about the crypto project this week. The Bitgert team dropped one of the biggest suspense last week after updating the crypto community about a big announcement coming on September 1st. This Bitgert announcement has been and will definitely be a major discussion this week.

Already, crypto enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the news, which can explain why Bitgert price growth has been rising rapidly. The buying pressure for the Bitgert coin has been growing fast, even though the market has been bearish.

The September 1st announcement has attracted even large cryptocurrencies. This is mainly because of the disruptive products that Bitgert has released before. Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin (BTC) Communities are paying close attention to this development.

According to crypto experts, the number of Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin (BTC) Community members joining Bitgert has increased since this update came out. Litecoin and Bitcoin communities are buying Bitgert because of the expected Bitgert price explosion after this announcement.

According to crypto analysts, Bitgert is likely to post bigger price growth than Litecoin and Bitcoin next month because of this announcement and many other developments. Note that Bitgert price performance has been better than Litecoin and Bitcoin this month.

Looking at the Bitgert performance for the past 30 days, Bitgert has increased by about 110%, while both Litecoin and Bitcoin have declined by 15% and 16%, respectively. The coming of this big announcement will most likely maintain Bitgert on a bullish path while Litecoin and Bitcoin plummet.

According to the crypto experts, Bitgert might launch a project, make a new partnership, or even the widely anticipated listing of Bitgert on a tier-1 exchange. There are rumors about the Binance listing. If this is true, then Bitgert growth will outperform Litecoin and Bitcoin.

The Bitgert team has introduced so many products in the past few months, which might be dropping on September 1st. The Bitgert team has particularly partnered with the Centcex team to develop Bitgert Paybrise and DEX. The Centcex project has actually committed to building products and projects for the Bitgert ecosystem.

So whatever the Bitgert team is working on, it will grow the Bitgert price bigger than Litecoin and Bitcoin. This is why Litecoin and Bitcoin holders are paying close attention to this development.

So, we are like to see more Litecoin and Bitcoin holders buying Bitgert this week.

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