MicroStrategy Bought 5,445 Bitcoin for $150M Since August

By Shaurya Malwa

Software developer MicroStrategy (MSTR) purchased nearly $150 million worth of bitcoin (BTC) between Aug.1 and Sept.24, it said in a Monday regulatory filing.

“MicroStrategy, together with its subsidiaries, acquired approximately 5,445 bitcoins for approximately $147.3 million in cash, at an average price of approximately $27,053 per bitcoin, inclusive of fees and expenses,” the company said in the filing.

MicroStrategy now holds approximately 158,245 BTC, which were acquired at an aggregate purchase price of approximately $4.68 billion at an average purchase price of roughly $29,582 per bitcoin.

The company said it had issued and sold a total of 403,362 MSTR shares to fund the purchase. In August, MicroStrategy said it may raise up to $750 million by selling more stock, and plans to use some of the proceeds to buy more bitcoin.

Via; Coindesk

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