Custody matters. Building on the previous points, a question that needs to be asked is what entity has custody over the cryptoassets being used as collateral? Bitcoin BTC +0.3% maximalists and other proponents of self-custodianship will most likely not partake in this financialization, but other crypto investors would be well served to understand just where the cryptoassets are being held. Additional factors to consider are where the custodian is located, what measures are in place to safeguard customer assets, are specific crypto related insurance policies in place at the organization, and has the entity undergone any formal review or attestation of these procedures?For example, if a crypto investor chooses to not only collateralize a mortgage using cryptoassets, and therefore transfers custody to some external party, but also documents this transaction using an NFT, understanding provenance and custody are essential. With the number of decentralized exchanges and new entrants in the space conducting proper due diligence is an essential step for every investor to conduct.Real estate and real estate linked financial products are clearly are becoming increasingly influenced by the growing prominence of cryptoassets in mainstream financial markets. There are several underlying use cases that different types of blockchain-based applications can bring in order to improve the current state of real estate transactions. As always, the potential and opportunity of these transactions need to be balanced against the possible risks, but opportunities abound for engaged and proactive investors.