Founder of Atari steps into the NFT Space with “Arcade O.G.”

Nolan Bushnell who is also known as the “Father of the Video Game Industry”, made NFT history alongside creative visionary Zai Ortiz with the release of their genesis collection, Arcade OG Series I ( @arcadeog ). A look to the future and glimpse of the past, this collection paid homage to the world’s first commercial video games, Atari PONG and Syzygy COMPUTER SPACE, introduced by Bushnell in the 1970s and signals an inflection point for NFTs, as one of the world’s most important inventors begins his journey through the space. All artworks for Arcade OG-Series I, were available for purchase on the 12th October exclusively on Makers Place and Pong sold out in under 4 minutes. Nolan and Zai are currently developing the Arcade OG Series II featuring collectibles from the next generation of arcade games and it is due for release late 2021/early 2022. To keep up to date with Arcade OG Series II and this overall exciting metaverse journey, join the official discord ( or visit

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