Of Course Bitcoin Is Back

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On Monday, Bitcoin received much-needed good news from the CFA Institue and Blackrock, but that was just the appetizer in the 11-course meal that is mass crypto adoption.

And as the chefs ready the salad for the second course, the currency of the future is returning to prominence. Yesterday, the cryptocurrency surged above $7,500. The highest price in over a month.

Bitcoin’s security issues and volatility scare off traditional investors. Despite the concerns, millennials and intelligent investors look past these issues and know that a decentralized currency without any government backing is the solution the world needs. The currency is free from the constraints of shapeshifting subterranean lizard people that run our government and rig the economy in their favor.  And now it is on the rise once again.

Many of those Illuminati lizards were surprised by this jump because this increase came after months deep-state media declaring Bitcoin “dead.” However, any self-respecting Crypto bro knows, unlike Avicci, crypto can’t die. In fact, the Christmas casuals that sell after reading these articles leave plenty of room for the bulls to swoop in

‘Bitcoin is dead’ searches on Google hit an all-time high this year between February 4 and February 10 when the price of Bitcoin dropped to $6,048. That’s almost ten times higher than when Bitcoin died in 2014. Bitcoin has fallen to around this price an additional two times this year but searches have remained low.

When crypto first started to boom, new investors were skittish because of the massive rises and losses at a moments notice, but the early adopters made sure everyone knew to HODL. And look at us now. As long as you invested around the summer or early fall, they are looking at returns over 10%. Yes, the returns could have been well over 500% if you sold at the right time, but if you just keep HODLing then it will pay off in time.

Original story: https://dealbreaker.com/2018/07/of-course-bitcoin-is-back/


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