A cryptocurrency mining effort at the former DuPont plant in Niagara Falls has drawn the ire of some nearby residents, who complain about noise from the powerful fans used to cool the computers used to crunch the company’s numbers.

“I hear it makes a lot of noise at night,” City Council Chairman Kenneth M. Tompkins said. “They say it sounds like an airplane, like a jet motor.”

The heat generated by the computers is blown away by giant fans that blow gusts of hot wind across Buffalo Avenue, according to a nearby resident who asked not to be identified.

According to Mayor Robert M. Restaino, in a meeting Tuesday at City Hall, Asher Genoot, co-founder and chief operating officer of US Bitcoin Corp., was told the company can continue operating, but more quietly, while it complies with city codes.

“They are actually working on their own toward more mitigation of the sound issue,” Restaino said.

“We’ve toned some of them down,” Genoot said of the fans.

A sound barrier was installed in the past few days to muffle the noise, Genoot said.

The chemical plant at 2747 Buffalo Ave. closed in 2016. The last owner, a DuPont spinoff company called Chemours, sold the property to 2747 Buffalo Avenue LLC, which is owned by local businessman Jon Williams.