If Bitcoin Collapses Buy The Dow, Fast

Story by: Clem Chambers

Will it, won’t it?

For a Bear they will clearly see that the bitcoin (BTC) run is over and that the crypto asset is doomed now to fall back to a low number.

It could happen.

A Bull will see $9,000-11,000 as a platform for a move to $20,000.

What do I see?

I’m quantum on this; I see both cases clearly at the same time.

This is not a happy place to sit with big profits and a large chunk of capital in play.

I’m a low-risk value investor at heart. (Okay that might be delusional; I might take some big investing risks from time to time.) So crypto runs against the grain and a lot of me wants to run away.

However, that’s not my strategy.

My strategy: buy the dips and buy and hold.

Original story: https://www.forbes.com/sites/investor/2019/08/22/if-bitcoin-collapses-buy-the-dow-fast/#72630f9c575e

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