2 People Cited In The Bitcoin White Paper Share Their Thoughts On Crypto’s Future

Story by: Kyle Torpey

Most of the discussion around bitcoin last week had to do with its wild price swings and continued movement upwards on the back of multiplereports the price had reached a bottom late last year and Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency announcement. But there was another rather interesting Bitcoin event last week that was somewhat overlooked.

Two individuals who were responsible for creating some of Bitcoin’s key building blocks were on stage together at the Bitcoin 2019 conference in San Francisco on Wednesday. Near the end of a discussion with Bitcoin YouTuber Naomi Brockwell, Blockstream CEO Adam Back, who was responsible for creating hashcash, and Yugen Partners Chief Scientist Scott Stornetta, who co-authored three other papers cited in the white paper (PDF), were asked to share their thoughts on the future direction of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency space more generally.

Stornetta Foresees a Broadening of Bitcoin’s Technology

Stornetta responded to Brockwell’s question first, and he started out by joking that the fact he was wearing a suit and tie and now works as a private equity investor in the blockchain space does not mean he’s “gone to the darkside” or sold out.

“Let me just state unequivocally that I am a fundamental believer in the ability of these technologies, basically the cryptographic technologies writ large, to level the playing field . . . I’m not a crypto-anarchist, but I certainly am a crypto-libertarian. And I think we are going to get to the world that we want and that we deserve. We just need to find a path that leads from A to B,” Stornetta said to the cypherpunk-friendly crowd.

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