These Crypto Assets Could Surge 100x, According to Altcoin Daily

By Daily Hodl Staff

Altcoin Daily hosts Austin and Aaron Arnold are naming coins that they say have the potential to rally as much as 100x.

In a new video, the YouTubers and crypto analysts tell their 656,000 subscribers that crypto research tool and data analytics platform Messari can provide traders the opportunity to find out which low-cap coins have caught the attention of large venture capitalist funds.


The Arnolds explain that sifting through these crypto hedge fund investments could lead traders to the next coin that is set to rally by 50x, 75x, or even 100x.

Coinbase Ventures is one fund that has a few smaller market cap investments under its belt.

Aaron highlights that the lowest market cap assets that Coinbase Ventures holds are non-fungible token project (NFT) Rarible (RARI) and social influencer engagement platform Rally (RLY).

The NFT marketplace Rarible’s RARI token has skyrocketed in value in the past six months from a low of around $1.50 to a high of $46.70, but its market cap still stands at only $80 million.

Rally, which is a network that allows influencers to create fan engagement tokens and generate fan participation, is sitting at around a $123 million market cap and is up from an all-time low of $0.045 to a high of $1.40.

The Arnolds are also looking at Pantera Capital’s low-cap picks, which include Injective Protocol (INJ) and API3. The pair notes that Pantera holds some additional assets that are lower in market cap. However, those coins’ origins date back a bit too far to make them compelling investments during this bull market, in their opinion.

Injective, which is a decentralized derivatives platform, is currently sitting at a $176 million market cap, up 1,915% from its November 2020 low of $0.65 to its current value of $13.10. Chainlink (LINK) competitor API3 is hovering at a $160 million market cap, up 627% from its November low of $1.04 to its trading price of $7.57 at time of writing.

Finally, the pair investigates PolyChain Capital’s low-cap picks, which are decentralized privacy layer NuCypher (NU), decentralized virtual private network (VPN) Orchid (OXT) and another privacy layer Keep Network (KEEP).

NuCypher is sitting just under a $200 million market cap, while Orchid and KEEP are evaluated at just under $300 million.

Via: The Daily Hold

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