X-Coin Changes Repository Owners – Original Dev Quits!

Story by TK  3/25/2015:

In a shocking twist for the future of X-Coin (XCO), the original dev known only as el3ab, has decided to give crypto a rest and has left X-Coin, citing depression as the reasons. Such news like this usually destroys an AltCoin’s image, and long dark days seemed to be the forecast for X-Coin, however a light of life has shined on what seemed inevitable AltCoin death. On March 23rd, less than a month from launch, X-Coin’s github repositories have been moved to Jim Blasko’s github, the creator of Unbreakablecoin.  It seem this is a noble attempt to protect the community from another dead coin.

Blasko has stated on Bitcointalk.org his reasons for accepting the X-Coin’s Repositories;

“I offered the dev to let me take over the coin, and tonight, e3lab gave me the access to his github account and I moved the repositories to my account.  With that said, please give me some time to build the X-Team. “Ultra1″ will manage the X-Team and help to lead X-Coin to it’s next level. I personally have far to many duties with Unbreakablecoin and I think he (UltrA1) will do a great job”

Blasko also mentioned some upcoming possibilities for X-Coin including voting for it on Cryptsy and adding XCO to the crypto auction site, UNBAuctions.com

We’re watching closely here as X-Coin’s price has risen over 50 satoshi in the last 24 hours and the number of votes for XCO on Cryptsy’s Vote section is also rising. XCO’s voting has even surpassed that of MaidSafeCoin and MasterTraderCoin to be a new AltCoin added to the Cryptsy exchange.

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