This Trend Suggests Bitcoin Price Could Hit $9,000 This January

Story by: Nick Chong


Bitcoin to Top $9,000 By End of January?

Without fail, the first week of every January over the past three years has seen the price of Bitcoin explode higher, as noted by trader SalsaTekila. in 2017, BTC gained 21.9% during the first seven days of the year; in 2018, it was 24.3%; and last year, it was 11.8%.

The same pattern playing out for Bitcoin yet again could mean that the asset will surge towards the $8,000s and $9,000s.

While this positive directionality for January may seem to be a simple coincidence, it is known there are be end-of-year sell-offs in financial markets due to tax write-offs (search up “The January Effect”), not to mention that cryptocurrency exchange SFOX found that Bitcoin’s directionality is generally positive in and around holidays.

SalsaTekila (JUL)@SalsaTekila

2017: 21.9% scam punp first week of the year.

2018: 24.3% scam punp first week of the year.

2019: 11.8% scam punp first week of the year.

2020: GIB 8200$ ”</p Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditmailby feather

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