Pokercoin and Poker BTC – Running Hot

Those who haven’t heard about Bitcoin must be living under a rock. Crypto currency has been the “it” topic in the last months, in a world driven by technology digital currency is the next logical step. With that in mind we would like to introduce you to Pokercoin – Pokercoin is set to take over from Bitcoin and other Altcoin as one of the major crypto currencies to be used for exchanges in the digital world. Pokercoin is designed to be an open source digital currency and its advantages are numerous:
Open source code – the code is open for the general public to get access to, it can be downloaded from github, it is user-friendly, allows bug fixes, easy customization and easy translation, avoiding lock-in and is very cost effective
The community is driven – The project can be accessed through various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, as well as forums like
Fees – Pokercoin is decentralized and free from middlemen, giving you complete control of your finances and providing a secure network for all of your payments.

Welcome to the next generation of digital currency!

Think Pokercoin! Be a poker player!
Pokercoin was developed with poker in mind (and heart). Hence, the perfect platform for online poker – Poker BTC is a revolutionary way of experiencing poker, offering one of the most easiest and hassle free way of playing online Bitcoin poker.

It’s easy to become a poker player, just register on the site through your e-mail. The system has three types of wallets – online wallet, desktop wallet and paper wallet. Developers are welcome in order to make the platform more fun and engaging.
Furthermore, the customer care service is top-notch as the team at Pokercoin responds to poker players within 48 hours.

First Deposit Bonus
Cash Game Points Rewards System
Bad Beat Jackpot
Vip Membership Program
Cash Tournaments
Affiliate program

Dare to take the risk, or lose the chance!

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