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CryptoMaak Presents the Bitcoin Experience a podcast about all things bitcoin and crypto related. A unique crypto perspective from an early adopter in 2012 who has been working for Bitcoin exchanges since 2014. Tired of podcast who only share daily news and are all the same thing with just technical analysis experts and reading stories day in and day out? Tune into my podcast for a unique view of the Bitcoin game from behind the scenes working for exchanges. Learn what mistakes to avoid, get news and how it relates to the market. How to avoid scams. Follow my journey with interviews of other early adopters, top influencers in crypto. Interviews with CEO’s. Fireside chats with comedians and other special guests. Get a glimpse of where Bitcoin can take you, what it can truly do for you. All the relationships I have built over the years and placed I got to travel to thanks to Bitcoin. You won’t want to miss this!


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