“The tone has really shifted, in our experience, from kind of idle conversation to ‘we really gonna do something’—all the way to banks offering consumer products. And what drove that shift, for the banks at least, I would certainly highlight the recent OCC guidance,” Gutmann explained, adding “I really applaud the OCC for issuing that guidance and removing that doubt.”

As Decrypt reported, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), which is part of the US Department of the Treasury, published an interpretive letter, reassuring national banks and federal savings associations that they can hold reserves for stablecoin issuers.

“The idea of having an open-source technology-based alternative [to monetary systems] that individual agents—as a human, as a citizen—can proactively opt into, can vote with his or her day’s labor, that’s just an idea that never really existed before in human history,” Guttman noted.

He added that a “much bigger [topic] is what potentially it means for human

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