CEO of Pantera Capital Believes Bitcoin is ‘Under-Owned’ Among Institutional Investors


Despite the impressive gains that cryptocurrencies and bitcoin had during 2017, and the exposure gain by the media, the famous digital currency remains ‘under-owned’ by institutional investors. The chief executive officer and founder of Pantera Capital, said that institutional investors under-own bitcoin. According to him, the bear market is about to finish and a new bull run will come in the next weeks.

Pantera Capital Predicts the End of the Correction

During an interview with CNBC, Morehead said that ‘there is such an institutional appetite to get exposure’ to the cryptocurrency market and hedge funds. Pantera Capital is a hedge fund and investment firm that has been working with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology since 2013. The company had returns around 22,000 percent and it launched its own Initial Coin Offering.

“We are certainly aware it is a very speculative market. It is volatile on the upside. It can be volatile on the downside,” commented Morehead during the interview.

After Bitcoin reached its all time high in December, he said that it could drop 50% before reaching a new price record. About that he said that bear markets had a 71-day run while the current bear market just marked 52 days. ‘It seems like another couple of weeks and everything will be normal and Bitcoin can start growing back up again.’

Other important investors like Michael Novogratz have been investing in the cryptocurrency world since some years. All of them believe that Bitcoin has an important future ahead. This year, more institutional investors will have the possibility to invest in the cryptocurrency market. With more ETFs available in different important markets, and with other enterprises offering services to big investors, the market is expected to grow even more.

It is important to mark that regulations will be discussed all over the world. Several countries have asked for tighter regulations to the cryptocurrency market. This situation legitimizes the cryptocurrency world. Institutional and important investors may feel safer to invest in a regulated digital currency market rather than in a market without regulations.

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