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Building wealth is everybody’s financial goal. Some want to build wealth for the amenities and the trophies it provides: nice houses, luxury cars, elegant yachts, pricey clothes, dining extravaganzas, and exotic traveling. Others want to build wealth for financial freedom, independence, and the security wealth offers.

There are several investment vehicles for building wealth these days: real estate, stocks, bonds, gold, and Bitcoin.

Which one is the best? It depends. Investor surveys provide one answer, while market performance numbers provide another.

A recent Gallup survey, for instance, finds that more Americans think that real estate is a better vehicle for building wealth compared to other vehicles for the fifth year in a row. Specifically, over a third of those surveyed thinks real estate beats other investments as wealth building vehicle, while roughly a quarter thinks stocks or mutual funds best serves the said purpose. Gold, cited by 17%, roughly ties “savings accounts or CDs” at 15%, while only a few Americans, 6%, cited bonds (Bitcoin wasn’t included in the survey—see Table 1.

Table 1

Survey: What American Think About Real Estate, Stocks, Bonds, Gold, And CDs, as Wealth Building Vehicles

Investment 2014 2018
Real Estate 30% 34%
Stocks 24 26
Gold 24 17
Bonds 14 16

Source: Gallup

But market performance numbers provide a different answer. Real estate is lagging far behind stocks, gold, and Bitcoin in the last twelve months. It also lags behind stocks and Bitcoin over the last five years—See Table 2.

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